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Importance of Tree Pruning

In a large city, tree pruning is an important issue for both the aesthetic appearance of the city and the safety of its residents. The abundance of poplars in our city also leads to an abundance of fluff and a fire hazard in the season.

Tree pruning is, in a nutshell, pruning weak, broken and dying branches to rejuvenate trees. Quite often in cities all the rules are violated.

Only trees with good shoot-forming ability (linden, poplar, willow, etc.) can be rejuvenated by pruning. and this should undoubtedly be done by specialists and not hired handymen. Depending on the situation, as a rule, experts use the technique of sawing a tree with partial discharge and partial hanging of felling residues or sawing a tree with hanging all the parts to be sawn (cemeteries, a tree grows from the roof of a building, etc.)

The city needs healthy trees, not ugly dead trunks!

Why is it necessary to prune trees in spring/winter?

It is believed that trees, especially when it comes to fruit or fruit trees, should be pruned once a year. Many of us know that the most favorable period for tree pruning in late February – early March. It is believed that this time is suitable for crowning due to the fact that the tree is dormant. Early spring is the optimal time for such a procedure, due to the fact that the trees have not yet started sap flow.

Before pruning, you need to make sure the tree is healthy and strong enough after winter. Otherwise, all pruning procedures will have to be postponed for another time. Another important factor is weather conditions. I must say that it is highly undesirable to cut trees during frosts or rains. Such weather can affect the timing of healing of wounds on trees – they will take much longer, and rot may develop. If specialists take up the pruning work, they will certainly foresee all these factors and will prune in the most favorable period.

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What types of pruning are the most common and effective?

I must say that the type of pruning is selected by a specialist individually for each tree. However, there are times when a tree needs urgent pruning, for example when it comes to an emergency tree. These include unstable fruit trees with rotten or too strong branches that pose a threat to people and buildings nearby. Broken and badly damaged trees also belong to the emergency.

In such cases, we can talk not only about pruning, but also about removal. That is why experts insist that trees throughout each year of their life should receive serious care, a significant part of which is pruning. If the tree is not emergency and according to all indications can be pruned, then the specialist, depending on the age, variety and mass of other factors, can offer the following types of pruning:

Restorative. This type of pruning can restore, for example, the ability to bear fruit for an old tree. In addition, through such pruning, numerous damages received by the tree due to certain conditions is restored.

Anti-aging. This type is very similar to the previous one. The tree is able to bear fruit again. Aged branches acquire the ability to grow and produce crops.

Formative. Obviously, the main function of this type of trimming is decorative. However, such pruning has a positive effect on the growth conditions of the tree.